Frames and Sizes

H&H standard COTS frames are 16ga. Cold-rolled steel with welded construction. They are manufactured as either Open-sided, Uni-body construction or Solid non-removable side units. Open side Uni-body construction allows a 35% weight saving with no loss to static loading capacity. H&H COTS cabinets carry a 2000lb static load capacity. H&H cabinets can have either caster-ready, integrated skirt or reverse, flat, bolt-down, base. Cabinets can manufactured to accept a variety of removable Top Panel types, or with a solid, integral welded Top with similar access & air flow options. All H&H cabinets include roll formed U-strut, welded horizontally in side frames to provide both structural rigidity and practical functionality. The H&H U-strut allows for infinite adjustability within the full usable depth of any cabinet. Basic dimensions shown are a starting point for the H&H standard COTS frame, but height variations based on Rack Unit designation, width changes established by EIA 310-E equipment standards or situational needs, & depths to match equipment and functionality requirements are also available.