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Case Study #1: IT/DATA/TELCO requirement

CHALLENGE: A major international financial institution was faced with rebuilding their primary North American Data/Communications center after losing their previous facility to a disaster.

H&H’s PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Provide scalable, modular rack enclosure infrastructure for the new facility’s high density, MDF and IDF fiber optic and copper backbone. This had to be achieved while maintaining consistent cooling air pressure in an under floor plenum to feed densely packed enclosure rows.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Provide scalable, modular open frame solution for a high density fiber optic infrastructure that satisfied both large trunk runs and individual fiber strand connectivity.

PRIMARY SOLUTION: H & H’s solution contained a sub base plenum with a large brush covered center cut out. This sub base fit into a 24” square floor tile, while supporting a deeper cabinet above to accommodate the large Cat 6 cabling and patching. The brush system limited cool air escape, while allowing full cable egress.

SECONDARY SOLUTION: H & H moved to a deeper leg 2 post system, added specific troughs, custom designed gated D rings and fiber drapes. The end user could most efficiently run a large quantity of fiber patching, all within the allotted footprint of the overall data center.

Case Study #1:  IT/DATA/TELCO requirement

Case Study #2: Automated Test Equipment

CHALLENGE: A major Tier-1 Defense/Aerospace contractor was faced with replacing a sole-source vendor for a multi-bay ATE system that would not degrade functionality of the enclosure system, and would improve modularity while being cost conscious.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Replace a no longer existing vendor, without disruption to production capability, functionality or quality.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Make the overall system more modular, efficient & cost effective.

SOLUTION: H&H engineers worked directly with contractor’s design group to completely redesign the system, while maintaining key elements that the contractor’s Production/Integration crews had come to expect. H&H’s redesign was ultimately integrated into the contractor’s build-to-print drawing. Additional features were added to improve overall functionality of the multi-bay system, while significant manufacturing improvements were presented that simplified the process and showed considerable value-added return to both time in Production/Integration and budget.

Case Study #2: Automated Test Equipment

Case Study #3: Aerospace Contractor

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Test equipment cabinets for an aerospace customer required dual functionality to perform in both clean room and non clean room situations.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Regulation of test equipment temperature demanded maintenance of a specific temperature range.

SOLUTION: H&H designed a top plenum including a high efficiency impeller and a 1 Micron, 99.97% efficiency HEPA filter. The climate controlled air drawn into the rack and across the test equipment via impeller, maintains proper cooling temperatures. HEPA filter system tops are securely mounted and sealed in place.

The redesigned tops are interchangeable on the H & H frame solutions: HEPA filter for clean rooms; standard exhaust fan top for general locations.

Flexibility with filtration and cooling saved valuable testing time and improved customer schedules and work throughput.

Case Study #3: Aerospace Contractor